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Mobile Denture Services for Whakatane

At ONiho Dentures Limited we offer a mobile service so that we can get your smile moving quickly. Our team values your smile so we always aim for efficiency. We can give you same day services for all your denture relining and repairs.

Other Denture Options

Immediate dentures are inserted immediately into the mouth after your remaining teeth are removed. Our skilled dental team will measure your jaw to provide the perfect fit for your mouth. While they provide instant teeth for you an immediate denture will have to be relined every couple of months.

A partial denture sits on a metal framework that is attached to your natural teeth. Our highly trained dentists will insert the partial denture and match it with your existing teeth for a great look.
Man smiling after mobile denture services in Whakatane, NZ

Full or Partial Denture Service

Dentures are a great replacement for missing teeth that can be taken out and put back into the mouth. Dentures have evolved over time and today they are natural looking and more comfortable than ever.

We can offer you full dentures, immediate dentures and partial dentures.

A full denture is the conventional approach to dentures and is offered when all teeth have been removed and the tissue has healed. Healing may take a number of months and we can’t give you dentures until that process is complete.

Denture relines and repairs

Your mouth changes shape over time but your dentures don’t. To prevent your dentures from wearing down your bone and soft tissue we can reline your dentures. Relining involves remeasuring the contours of your mouth and adjusting your dentures accordingly. Be sure to talk to our team about denture care and when you will need your dentures relined.

We can also repair broken or damaged dentures and offer EMERGENCY denture repair.

We can provide you with mouth guards and sports guards that are perfect for your dentures and will help to protect you.

We can work through WINZ and insurance quotes and provide FREE consultations so you can find out if dentures are right for you.
Get complete denture services and care including relining and repair. 
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